Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Founder of
Maharishi Corporate
Development Programme
Maharishi Universities and
Institute of Management worldwide
Global Maharishi Open University
via eight satellites, and
Maharishi Veda Vision
Television Channel
who introduced the
Transcendental Meditation Technique
to the world more than 40 years
ago and opened the gate to
Enlightenment to Millions of People,
is now introducing Total Knowledge
of Natural Law in the field of Management.

"The secret of success in business today is to develop the field of creativity that lies deep within each individual. This Corporate Development Programme provides the technology through which the awareness of the individual comes into contact with pure consciousness the field of unlimited creativity, which is the total potential of Natural Law. The spontaneous result of this regular experience is that the infinite dynamism and organizing power of Nature are made available in daily life. Application of this technology will ensure that the goal of business, which is to bring prosperity, progress, and fulfillment to individuals and society as a whole, is achieved."



STRESS MANAGEMENT:Problem free Administration
and good fortune to the Company with enhanced productivity
Transcendental Meditation
can be practice individually as a group
Transcendental Meditation
Practiced 20 minutes twice a day,
in the Office at Home