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Research Studies

improved physical and mental health

South India Research Institute Ltd. (SIRIS)

South India Research Institute Ltd. (SIRIS) comprises 16 industries manufacturing basic chemicals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, and edible oils. Some years back, chairman G. S. Raju was looking for a way to gain a competitive edge. In light of the scientific evidence, he turned to Maharishi's Transcendental Meditation to increase productivity and profitability. The impact was immediate. Productivity increased 57%, profits rose, and the company rapidly expanded as a large majority of employees regularly practiced Transcendental Meditation twice daily on company time.

Before introducing Transcendental Meditation, the workers would turn out only 6 hours of effective work in the given 8 hours. After implementing TM during working hours for 20 minutes twice a day, productivity of the company increased by 57%-workers now work only 7 hours but produce 10 hours worth of output. In addition, there was a marked reduction in stress, an improvement of the working climate, reduced absenteeism, and the workers reported less fatigue, worries, and anxiety."

G. S. Raju-Chaiflllan, SIRIS

Sumitomo Heavy Industries

More than 10,000 business people in Japan have learned the Transcendental meditation technique. Over 2000 of them are top executives of leading Japanese companies including Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Toyota Motor Company, Kyocera (Yashika), and I world Supermarkets. Over 100 Japanese companies have introduced the TM programme to their managers and employees.

After the implementation of the Transcendental Meditation programme at Sumitomo Heavy Industries, a high technology company with about 8000 employees, research on the project was conducted by the National Institute of Industrial Health of the Japanese government's Ministry of Labor. The study evaluated 447 participating managers and employees in comparison to 321 controls at the same company. Participants showed substantial improvements in physical and mental health, including significant reductions in anxiety, insomnia, depression, emotional instability, physical complaints, smoking, and digestive problems.