Natural Law Based Management    A Scientifically Validated Programme of Human Resource and Corporate Development
Maharishi Corporate Development Programme Founder Founder

Proven Track Record

Maharishi Corporate Development Programme brings the perfection of Vedic Management—Natural Law based management-to the world of business and industry. By developing full alertness, full creativity, and full support of Nature—by developing the Vedic Consciousness of the Manager—Maharishi Corporate Development Programme makes management successful and free from problems.

The Maharishi Corporate Development Programme offers a proven technology of human resource development—the Transcendental Meditation┬« technique—with an unmatched 40—year track record of success. Implemented in hundreds of leading companies worldwide—including General Motors, Sumitomo, Ericsson, IBM, Toyota, and many of India's top companies—it has proven to be highly effective in improving health, creativity, and productivity while reducing and eliminating the detrimental effects of stress on health and job performance. This powerful programme is easy to implement and cost—effective. The benefits are both immediate and cumulative.

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